Acne Scar – Treatment Options – Tips

Scars are formed when the skin produces extra collagen to fill a wound in order to heal it. They can eventually fade on their own but this can take months and sometimes years. Occasionally some scars will be permanent. Visible scars can cause embarrassment and those with scars often go to great lengths to cover them up. This article discusses five options that can help you to reduce the appearance of scars and prevent permanent scarring.

Silicone scar sheets are used to prevent scars from forming but can also be used to fade old scars. One side of the sheet is lined with silicone gel and the other side is smooth. These sheets are popular with plastic surgeons and are given to patients to help prevent scars from forming after surgery. They are also effective at removing keloid scars. The sheets help to keep the scar soft and constantly moisturized. Depending on how bad the scar is results can be seen in 4-12 weeks.

Many people think that tissue will simply go away after time, but most often, it does not. It is an injury which needs to be worked with in order to re-heal as effectively as possible.

Vitamin E Oil is an excellent topical treatment for reducing both new and old scars. Applied to the skin regularly, it can reduce permanent scarring. The best way to use Vitamin E oil is to get the capsules, use a sterile pin to poke a hole in the capsule and use the oil inside to rub on the scar. Make sure that the area you apply the oil to is clean and otherwise bacteria and dirt could be trapped under the oil. Apply the oil twice a day and you should begin to results after 6-8 weeks. Other oils such as Bio-Oil are also available and work in the same way dermarollers to reduce scars.

There are different products and drugs that can work well as acne scar remedies. You can either get them through a prescription from a doctor or over the counter from pharmacies. There are even some that can be bought online. The products will be topical or oral. We recommend that you only buy oral medication in the event that you fully understand all side effects and ingredients used. A trip to the office of a doctor is a very good idea.

When one gets acne scars – he/she will, of course, look for a product – like a cream, for example – which can remove scars – but sadly; almost every scar removal cream claims that they are the best and they are the ultimate answer to your scar problems.

There are a few products that are available online that you may be interested in. These would cost you a less money and less effort as you would only be doing the browsing online. Time spent in going out to shop for it is never required and this could be very convenient for busy people like you. Then you can start curing the pimples makes it even better; the scars might still be fresh and that makes it easier for them to get treated. By now, you know why you should be given two thumbs up for undergoing acne scar removal within the privacy of your home.

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