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How else would “gurus” keep up with developments, if they did not do so? You may ask how you can, as a non-specialist, make an income in this strange internet world, if you are no expert? That is a good question.

Remember that an entrepreneur also has to develop “rhinoceros skin.” I guarantee you will be turned down by potential customers. I guarantee you will have set-backs. Learn from these disappointments. Write down your lessons in your personal journal. Then adapt, change and get back in the game.

No online security courses pressure from supervisors. Remember, this is your business and you are the boss. Of course, as you grow you will always have the option of outsourcing for labor but that is entirely up to you.

Trim the bushes. Again, at no cost but a little bit of time some weekend afternoon, trimming down the bushes around the house can greatly deter any burglar. Big, unkempt bushes provide lots of room to hide, and make it easy to spend time on figuring out a way into lower story doors and windows. Give better visibility from the street, and therefore more room for a thief to be spotted by neighbors and passersby!

Most of the time, the lenses are the ones that give away fake security cameras. And so, you should give more thoughts and research on them. Go for the glass-made lenses instead of the plastic ones. It’s even better if it’s curved just like the real ones and can cause reflections. Test its effectiveness by showing it to a friend or relative and asking them if they think it’s genuine or not. Of course, you won’t have to worry about night vision capabilities for this one.

What is it that we are so lucky about ? Well the internet of course. It you put your mind to it, you can soon discover how much easier it is to make money fire training as opposed to starting up a traditional type of business which involves large investments.

Safety sticks. If there are any patio doors leading to the exterior of the home, invest in simple and cheap dowels to be placed in the track and keep the doors from being easily slid open by an intruder.

You don’t have to be a computer genius, either. Basic computer operating skills are usually all that is necessary to get your online education. If you are worried, you might be able to brush up on your computer skills at your local library. Then you will be able to pursue your online education and finally live the life you have always dreamed of.

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