Birthday Party Favors And Goody Bags

Who doesn’t love chocolate?! The rich, sweet taste appeals to everyone from little kids to their great grandmothers. So if you’re looking for that special ingredient to add something extra to your next party, why not choose this delicious treat? You can make it your entire party theme or just the crowning touch to your celebration. Here are seven ways you can use chocolatey goodness to elevate your party to the next level.

It is very smart to include information about where guests can purchase presents in the shower invitations. The guests will appreciate your guidance. After all, it makes it easier for them purchase the proper gifts.

You will find two types of freebies. First, there are the printable designs. With these, all you have to do is print them directly from your web browser. Then cut up, wrap and glue. The other type are templates that you download. These are generally set up for specific programs, such as Microsoft Word. After you save it to your computer, you open the template in the corresponding program. You can then edit it, if you want.

Chocolate Business Cards (yes, these DO exist) – Several companies have online catalogues for personalized chocolate singapore cards. Expensive? Yes. Delicious? Probably. Memorable? You better believe it.

Now, here’s the cool part: although Gus and I didn’t really keep in touch, I’ve never thrown his card away. I show it to everyone! In fact, I even use it as a prop in some of my networking workshops! His card was just that good.

That reminds me of Gus. He and I sat next to each other at a sales seminar a few years ago. During the program, the facilitator asked the audience members to exchange cards and get to know each other. Gus’s card was amazing: thick, colorful, double sided, bold, shiny and best of all, simple. (That was no surprise – he was in advertising!) But it was one of the best I’d ever seen. So we introduced ourselves, exchanged cards and talked for a few minutes. And that was about it. Nice guy, I thought.

Announce a special client only drawing. Use email marketing to have your clients participate in a drawing you hold on Valentine’s Day. People love the chance to win a great prize. The prize can be one of your signature products or services or popular new book. Be creative.

They said diamonds are forever and maybe if your relationships are special enough, you can buy her some jewelries. Women always love diamond and jewelry so you won’t be disappointed. However, don’t spend thousands of dollars on a diamond ring or necklace unless you are sure what you are getting into. Unless it’s a 5 years anniversary, I suggest you keep it light and simple but special and meaningful for her at the same time.

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