Common Social Media Mistakes To Avoid

If you are reading this right now, you have your friends and business associates talking about the wonders of social media marketing (heck, you might even be the one shouting all over about the wonders of the web). Over the past year names such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have catapulted into our consciousness.

As people get to know you, they are a lot more likely to buy your product. I use TweetDeck as my Twitter client. Not only can you add multiple Twitter accounts, you can also add Facebook, MySpace and Buy LinkedIn Accounts Online, and you can view all of these without logging in and out. You can monitor @ mentions so you’ll know when someone mentions you or @ reply, even if you don’t follow them. You can also add your own search term to monitor your keywords.

You need to identify the online communities that interest your market. In order to do so, you’ll need to find out where they go for information. Perform a search to find out the web sites, online forums and communities, and blogs that are relevant to your industry. Once you have identified the sites, you need to get involved. Read the posts and comments. Get a feel for the hot topics and concerns. It is important to learn and listen before you engage in conversations.

Connections. The next step is to connect to others. First of all connect to your friends, family and acquaintances. Often, the social media sites will provide suggestions for you – use them. These are your first trusted connections. Then connect with others who are in your niche. So follow their Tweets, Facebook and Google+ pages.

POSTS. When your connections update their status it will appear in the “Posts” area of the email. How many posts will depend upon how many of your LinkedIn connections keep their accounts updated and how often they update their account status. It may be a quick read to catch up with your friends’ activity. What it should spur is your own update. Remember when you update your profile your connections will be reminded of you as they receive their weekly LinkedIn update with you in it!

12. Saved Search: if you want to keep tabs on a company you are interested in, conduct a search on that company and save it so that any changes with the people in that company will be in your updates. Are they letting more people go then hiring? Did someone get a promotion? Did they hire someone you know?

Most members will maximize the number of people they send. They figure that if they do not know the person, the person knows them, even if it was an advertising piece not yet read or deleted. New members of course like seeing a suggested process of speeding up connections to business people to start their network. They were never exposed to why this is a very reckless route to take. When the people receive your rubber stamped, brief message invitation, they are asked to connect with you. Three options are available, two very poorly worded.

Now, the biggest question is if this is legitimate. Perhaps, the solid proof that this site is legit is its large number of members. More and more people are getting hooked to tag trading as days pass by. If you want to increase your monthly income by connecting to your friends and sharing interesting photos and videos, TagVillage is the place to be.

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