How To Buffer Yourself From A Long Flight

So you’ve made it through flight school and you think employers should be flocking to your door with job offers. After all, you have over 300 hours in your logbook and a certificate in your wallet that says you can get paid to fly! Not only that, you also have a flight instructor certificate and are already logging dual given.

I prefer computer flight simulator games. The things to look for in a flight sim game include things like feature support… It is not a good game if it does not support your pedals and yoke equipment. Games that don’t adapt professional equipment usually aren’t worth the money in the long run, and usually are much more limited. Do you want a game you will master too quickly that only features a couple of aircraft? Chances are not, so it is definitely better to have a flight sim with hundreds of real aircraft to choose from.

SIDE NOTE: Notice how survival tools haven’t come up yet? Nowhere in aviate, navigate, or communicate (in a flight) will you need a first aid kit, survival knife, floatation device, CV Radio etc…

First of all the three major travel sites will often have different prices for the same flight. So go the easy way to Orbitz, Expedia and Travelocity and look up and compare prices side by side. If you don’t have to fly at a specific time of day, try typing in different times for your arrival and departure. Be as open as you can and experiment a little. The airfares on the Google Flights Tickets that are less popular will save you the most money. You should find significant savings and often a different price for each of the travel sites.

Aside from the travel agency sites, there are also sites that are similar to online auction but they’re all about travel. In these sites, you could bid the price that you want to pay for the Airfare, and if no one outbids you, you get the airline tickets for the specific date that you want. Of course, you can’t just place an insanely low price and expect that no one outbids you. To be fair, they usually have a team who review the bids first before they could approve it.

If you have a passion for travel, but don’t exactly have the means to support it, then this article is for you. Once you’re done reading this, you’ll know how to find a hidden airfare bargain and get the lowest airfare available.

Choose departure times that are considered inconvenient for business travelers. Early in the morning or late at night flights tend to offer the best airfare rates. Overnight flights can even pose more savings. This one simple secret to saving money on airfare can, in fact, be the difference between fifty, one hundred, or even more dollars in a traveler’s pocket.

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