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Everything that is old is new, and the resurgence in the popularity of terrariums is proof. The rage in the the 1970’s, time-stretched indoor plant lovers have begun to bring the terrarium back into home decor. Glass enclosed containers feature miniature plants and accents. Easy to take care of and perfect for the absent-minded homeowner, terrariums are a cinch to create and maintain. Here are some handy hints.

Do not think that keeping them in smaller cages at first is a good idea. Actually, in the long run, this would be more expensive. So, if you are planning to get a pet iguana, see to it that you have already prepared a large tank or Terrarium Singapore. If you have an extra room in your home, you may renovate it to serve as the room of your iguana. Also, do not forget to place a cover on the floor of your pet’s housing. This should be made from a material that cannot be eaten by the iguana.

Substrate – there are many choices here but believe it or not, newspaper is the most recommended substrate. In fact, newspaper is the only substrate recommended for young geckos since it’s the easiest to digest if they happen to eat some. For older geckos you could use Terrarium workshop sand or continue using newspaper.

Look for a lively, active lizard that appears a healthy weight and temperament. Males are slightly larger than females and may have more skin under their throat, commonly known as a dewlap.

When focusing on bearded dragon care, it is extremely important that you spend time working with your dragon on a one-on-one basis to get him used to a diet that almost exclusively consists of vegetables. The time required and the difficulty of this process varies from individual to individual, but can take anywhere from just a few days to several weeks. If you do not have the time to devote to this process then it is best you consider choosing another pet.

Know that the bigger the lizard is the harder it becomes to keep them as pets. These types of animals really require large environments. Handling issues and many other factors can be involved with these kinds of animals.

If the reptile has any respiratory disease or problem, you will remark that its eyes will be swollen. In this case there will be mucus formation around the eye area.

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