Market Your Travel Writing With Blogs, Podcasts, And Social Sites

Travel writer David’s first blog was an ad free blog. Some people thought he was crazy for not monetizing his blog. As a travel writer, he knew he could make money from his writing. Through his research he found great blogs on the internet that did not run ads. He found out that some ads can actually make you lose money! The most important discovery was finding out that he could make a decent income without running ads on his blog.

Now, to the best part. If you have a travel gallery or website, would you like to be able to offer your tourist the ability to choose absolutely anything in the whole wide world? That’s right.

People love podcasts because they can take them everywhere. It’s great for marketing and building relationships with your visitors. Podcasts have unlimited potential!

This is a quick ‘How to guide’ for people who are interested in becoming travel writers. It will help you with understanding of how to Pitch yourself and create your own travel identity without much investment.

Focus on unusual details – Certain tidbits or local traditions can be an interesting starting point for building up your story on the destination at hand. Always look for some small intere4sting fact or detailing that other people have missed. Something that makes the place truly unique and attracts readers to visit it. Never miss out on the details. God lies in the details, remember! It could be something weird, funny or out rightly disgusting….but anything eye-grabbing will do.

They express agreement or disagreement with reasons. Occasional disagreement is actually good, but the number of comments expressing agreement should greatly outnumber those expressing disagreement. So if I am the first of 5 commenters, I will not leave any kind of negative comment.

There are blogs specifically focused around a certain theme such as politics or travel. Some businesses may keep travel blogs as they travel around the world. This may happen if they are promoting guidebooks on famous places perhaps. This is where your blog will likely fit in because the best blogs focus on a specific niche and build off of that. Your blog cannot be everything to everyone.

Your choice of a blog theme does make a telling impact on the kind of blog you are running. So make sure you choose something that is going to be a value-added proposition to your readers.

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