Outdoor Garden Water Fountains – How To Choose The Right One?

Are you in the midst of designing or redesigning your home to be more environmentally friendly? If so and you’re trying to add in, either an indoor or outdoor peaceful water fountain, then you’ll want to go with a solar water fountain for you home/business. What is a solar fountain? It is as its name suggests – a solar water fountain that runs on the energy the sun produces instead of electricity or batteries, often seen in older water fountains.

This fountain is made of stone-finish Polyresin. It is designed to give the lion head image look as if it was carved in stone without the heavy weight and its expensive cost. The lion is intricately sculpted with its famous fierce expression crowned with its wild mane of hair set amidst a Greco-Roman backdrop. From his half open mouth flows crystal clear water which spill into a water basin below. The look and sound of water trickling down this fountain recreates the elegant atmosphere of the Greco-Roman sanctuary.

Cold weather is the biggest threat to fountains, especially the large stone ones. Some areas expand more than others, which can cause considerable splitting and cracking over the years. To minimize this, don’t let water collect and freeze in the bowls during the season. Drain all the water from the fountain before the first freeze, and if possible, keep it indoors. If it can’t be moved, get a fountain cover and line the insides with something absorbent (such as sponge, newspaper or carpet cover).

These wall fountains are simply mounted with an easy to install bracket system that will attach to almost any wall. They will go into drywall with metal or wood studs, cinderblock, plywood and cement. If you get a đài phun nước mini you may need some help lifting them onto the bracket on the wall as they can be quite heavy since they are natural stone. The bottom tray holds the water and the quiet submersible pump and a hose runs along the back of the fountain distributing the water over the stone surface at the top. There are also lights and an on and off switch in the top panel. These fountains simply plug into any normal wall socket and once installed are ready to go!

Not every garden fountain manufacturer designs solar fountains. However, the companies that do produce these solar water fountains design all kinds of shapes so that a person can find the one that they would really like to accentuate their home and garden with.

You need to change the water regularly. The manufacturer should be able to tell you about the right time period to change the water. During cold winter months, the water should be drained before winter sets in. If possible you can even shift it to an indoor fountain for the winter if it doesn’t have a lot of splash.

Overall, this fountain advocates beauty and health too. All the features are very worth it and no one can bit this up. This is a safest and affordable means of relaxing after a long busy day. You don’t have to go to spa to get relaxation rather just watch this amazing fountain to feel well relax.

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