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Sometimes you feel the justified need to maintain your privacy over the phone; especially when dealing with strangers, telemarketers or collection agencies. Maybe you want to check up on someone you are suspicious about, or a person you just met without them knowing it is you. These are all valid reasons. Nowadays it is important to maintain a certain level of anonymity and privacy for the sake of your own security.

This works great for prank callers, phone calls that you don’t want to answer because you don’t know who it is as well as going through your spouses phone to see if they are getting calls from a “certain someone”.

Instead of using Voice Mail for the reason I mentioned above, forward your toll-free number to an alternate phone that you have access to. By doing this you’ll be able to answer the incoming calls AND see the Caller’s ID on the spot!

Now that Caller ID is so prevalent whenever you call someone they will generally know what phone number tried to reach them. Even more amazing than that is the fact that because of phone tracing abilities not only will they know what number you called from, but they can also go online and find out exactly who called them by performing a reverse search on your cell phone (or land line) telephone number. There is very little chance that your innocent call will ever be anonymous again.

Thankfully, despite what you may have been told, wireless, or cell phone calls can be traced. You could try entering the number into your Google search. Unfortunately, most free search tools will only generate a location from which the cell phone originates. Cell phone numbers are not part of the public domain and are therefore not easily traced.

See, telemarketers have gotten very smart the past few years. With the advent of caller ID, they know that they have to “trick” us by disabling the caller ID feature prior to calling us. Thus, when the نمبر بوك سوريا rings all we seek in our Caller ID box is something like “Unknown” and the number.

This is such an easy way to bust your spouse cheating it’s not even funny. Can you imagine the look on a prank callers face when you call them up and tell them you have all their personal information?

Before now, you could only do reverse searches on a landline phone. Many people do not know that you can now track cell phone numbers as well. People are also unaware that reverse searches give you more than just a name. You can get a name, address, and even a map to their location, if you use a good search company. It’s almost like something you would see in a movie.

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