Can Yoga Change Our Lives?

One of the best things about retreats is that you give yourself an ultimate treat. A yoga retreat is intended for all of us who want to have a stressful vacation while doing the activity you love, yoga.

If you and Mom are interested in yoga, why not consider a yoga getaway? There are many styles of yoga to choose from, including highly energetic forms and more meditative, relaxation forms. But you don’t have to do just yoga! You should be able to enjoy hiking, relaxing in the sunshine and just “chilling out”. The retreat may even have a spa, where you and Mom can enjoy sublime massages, milk baths, LaStone Therapy (chilled and hot stone massage) and other spa treatments. Some Yoga retreats Cabuya even include surfing in their list of activities. And you’ll know that you’re eating fresh, wholesome food that not only tastes good, but is good for you, too.

Last year I promised to give myself a time of relaxation and meditation. I kept my word and looked for a yoga retreat. I needed to calm down my nervous system and clear my mind.

Yoga is for wimps: I am sure many of you know that over the years yoga has been deemed a passive exercise as it is not a competitive sport. The idea here is too build strength from within not to struggle with opponents and exercise machinery. The fact is yoga is not really a passive form of exercise; it builds upon your strength, awareness and internal energy. It also builds your confidence, relaxes your mind and gives you direction in life. What other exercise programs come near that I hear you ask? The truth is many professional sportsmen and women do yoga as part of their routine training.

Being a young American female, it is easy to find yourself swamped by everyday life demands. Work, family and even keeping up with a social life can take a toll on you such that you feel burnt out without energy or strength to go on. That is exactly what I was feeling a month ago. I realized it was time to rejuvenate my spirit and recharge my batteries.

Remember you are what you eat. Most retreats cook and prepare raw, vegan or vegetarian dishes. If you are a staunch meat eater, you will be surprised at how light and energised you feel after a few days of not eating meat. However, if the thought of not having any meat as part of your daily diet freaks you out, then make sure you find out when you book if meat dishes are included.

Bikram Yoga, yoga retreats can be practiced at any age or a person on any stage of fitness level. Even the ones who do not have much flexibility in their body can opt for this style of exercise and live a healthy life.

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