Check Your Credit Report To Maintain Good Credit

As I wrote here in January, the nation would be a lot better off if members of the political punditry dispensed with “gotcha” moments-efforts to catch politicians in embarrassing shows of stupidity, which frankly are part and parcel of the human condition.

Our results came close to what I expected, and what I hypothesized the actual result would be. They differed somewhat because of Safety Tow in several factors. The factor that created the most error was the measurement of the craters. Some craters were oblong instead of circular which most likely produced error in the data. The next obvious source of error was the fact that my partner and I switched roles in holding the meter stick and dropping the spheres during the experiments. We also took turns doing the measurements. This switching might have produced error because we might have dropped the spheres differently or have had different measurement criterion for the craters.

Back to the story. I got a RO filter and ran a hose from my faucet to a five gallon jug. RO filters are very slow and I timed how long it took to fill up the jug. It was 90 minutes. I had several jugs and lined them all up.

Do I have the skills to follow the test instructions accurately? This is a tricky one to answer unless you have the test kit in front of you, but here are some guidelines. I call it the Ikea test. Are you the kind of person who follows detailed instructions well? If not, home testing may not be for you. If you don’t do the tests exactly right, you might contaminate the sample and get a false positive or a false negative result. Either way, you will have wasted your money, leaving you falsely reassured, or worried for no reason. Take away? If all your Ikea projects all have parts left over, forget about home testing. Leave it to the professionals.

Keep in mind that the final product may look different in real life than it did in your imagination. To avoid confusion, review dimensions clearly. You may even want to use a rule and a piece of paper to sketch the size of the mouse mat. Realize also that the display settings on your computer can cause colors to look differently. When possible, get samples of any of the materials that will be used or a printed color chart. You may also be able to get a physical sample of the product if you ask.

In addition, you should monitor the results of each backup to check for errors. For example, if a tape wears out and data cannot be verified, you need to take action and replace that tape. If some problem prevented a backup from completing, you need to know about it so that you can re-run the backup the next morning.

Perhaps you have a good credit report or perhaps you have a bad one. Every one has a different rating based on their credit history. Whatever yours is, that’s going to affect your future loans. So you should take steps now to make sure it’s as good as you can make it.

If you don’t have the right answers to these questions, then you are missing critical information. Your situational awareness will be less than what is required to make good decisions.

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