Filing An Insurance Claim

Sometimes when you are looking for the best ways to have what others cannot, you have to look at what others passed by and have thought was too much work. As you can imagine, the more damage there is, the profits go up and up.

What came out of this heap was truly amazing. Rolex watches, designer shoes and handbags, one of a kind artwork, silk bedding, priceless instruments, and dresses you would see on a catwalk. All of it…garbage. Golf clubs that cost thousands of dollars were literally falling apart. If you would have swung a club, the metal shafts would have given way and the heads would have flown further than the balls they were hitting.

Second, it’s important to use a public Houston flood insurance claim because when you file a claim, the Insurance company sends out a highly trained adjuster who works for the Insurance company. A good adjuster is a highly trained expert who will negotiate on your (the homeowners) behalf. Simply put, a public adjuster will level the playing field in your favor.

Some people are into baseball hats collecting as one of their hobbies. They collect caps with different designs and colors. Their favorite teams or players and celebrities may either previously wear these caps. Some may simply buy baseball hats that have unique prints and colors.

Almost all homeowner insurance claims are physically inspected. This means that a claims public adjuster from your insurance company will be on your property. Adjusters inspect several claims every week and usually every day. Remember, your insurance claim is handled by human beings, the most important of which is your on-site claims adjuster.

Next, anneal the copper washers. There should be four; one to fit behind and one to fit in front of the rocker feed pipe on the right hand side of the engine. To anneal, hold each washer in a naked flame until it’s cherry red, then drop immediately into cold water. Copper can be safely annealed this way. Ferrous metals need to be cooled slowly.

At this first meeting with the adjuster, make requests for advance payments, if necessary. (See Chapter Nineteen, Advance Payments.) If you’ve had a major Contents loss, like fire, smoke or water damage, you’ll need to replace some of these items quickly. If you have had a loss which leaves you unable to live in your home temporarily, you’ll need money to pay for hotel rooms, or temporary housing, or a short term lease for a house or apartment (Additional Living Expense coverage). Insurance companies will make these types of advance payments to the insured when the advance is requested. They seldom offer an advance.

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