Foods Dogs Shouldn’t Eat – Identifying Dog Food Dangers In Commercial Brands

Breeding frequency should be kept at a low level. Even if you intend to produce the maximum number of pups possible you will need to allow for suitable resting periods between pregnancies. By doing so you are allowing your female dog to fully regain her strength. If you breed her too often the puppies may be born with defects, and they may even die shortly after birth. As you can see, frequent pregnancy can be very damaging to a female dog’s health.

One of the best ways to make supervising easier is to limit access in the house for your puppy. A crate can be a great safe spot for your puppy. It keeps him safe while making house training easier all while you are getting peace of mind that he is not getting into mischief. Baby gates and exercise pens are also very useful to help keep your puppy safe in one spot, while still allowing him to see what the family is doing. I you have your puppy confined than you need to give him a bed and a chew toy. Now your puppy is in a secure place and can still watch you as you go about your business.

You may find that one of the most common types of disease for the pug breed would be Encephalitis. This is an inflammatory disease that takes over the brain.

The sonic sound device is triggered by barking as well. Only, instead of blasting oil, it will send off a sound in a pitch that only dogs can hear. The dog will be annoyed by this sound, and it will learn that they only hear the sound when they are barking excessively. To avoid the high pitch sonic sound in its ear, it will avoid barking. The last type of dog barking control collar is the electric shock bark controller. This really isn’t as bad as it sounds. It gives the dog an electric shock that is like a static cling shock. It’s humane, but it will get the dog’s attention. The purpose is to annoy the dog, and not to harm it. However, these collars also work to make the dog stop barking.

A bored dog is a naughty exotic bully! There are a huge variety of dog toys available nowadays, many of which are ‘primed’ with treats to encourage your dog to play with them.

Teach your dog the “Hurry up” or “Potty” Command to hasten the dog’s potty time, teach him to eliminate when you give the command for it. So, say “hurry up” or “potty” in an encouraging tone just when he gets the urge to “go”. He will soon learn that when you say the command, he will begin to sniff, circle and then get down to business. Once he’s done, praise him lavishly.

Many dogs are out there and available for adoption in Sacramento but they need a secure, loving and stable environment which provides nourishing food, exercise, training and protection. By going over these basic questions and answers you can make an educated choice.

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