From Mummies To T-Shirts: The History Of Cats

We all know cats have claws and that they all need to scratch. Some cats are really good at picking up on the fact that they should scratch only on their scratching post, but others, well, they could use some enlightening! There are only three major steps involved in teaching cats, even stubborn ones, to only use their scratching post when they feel the need to stretch and scratch.

Any cat is at risk of being infected, although some Ormekur kat are at a greater risk than most. If a cat is living with other cats that are infected or it is unknown whether they are infected with feline leukemia virus, risks of the cat becoming infected are very high.

Obesity is the most common nutritional disease in pets; estimates suggest that up to 45% of dogs and up to 13% of cats are obese (many doctors think these estimates are quite low judging by the number of obese pets they see every day in practice).

You’ll want to be sure the remedy is formulated especially for pets. Some herbs are not safe for pets, or the dosage may be too high for a small animal. When you purchase a remedy made especially for pets, you’ll be confident in its safety.

Constipation: This seems to be another problem cats and humans share. A poor diet, little or no exercise, and hairballs can cause constipation in your cat.

Ballerina- This costume is usually just for girls and if you have a girl I bet you have some sort of ballerina outfit. We have a whole chest cat health tips full of dress up clothes with plenty of ballerina outfits. If you want the full ballerina look make sure to put your little girl’s hair up in to a bun. Also for some fun, let them wear a little make-up!

If you accidentally cut the ‘quick’, soothe your cat and use a styptic pencil or styptic powder to stop the bleeding. Make sure you have towels on hand too. Keep an eye on the nail over time to avoid infection.

Kittens are companion animals and a second kitten doubles the pleasure and increases their security. Keeping two cats is often easier than keeping one and controls roaming and stress. It also provides them with extra comfort and contentment.

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