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Money is tight for people everywhere. Whether you are adjusting to a decreased income or simply preparing for possibly leaner times ahead, you might find yourself cutting out things you do not consider absolute necessities. If pampering yourself is one area you consider an elective rather than a requirement, think again. Indulging in self-pampering sessions is proven to lower stress, and if you are struggling financially, you might just be more stressed than ever. Too much stress increases your risk of heart disease, gastrointestinal illnesses, immune disorders and more. Fortunately, there are ways to pamper yourself without busting your budget.

7) Stand-by space — many publications will give you a contract for “stand-by” space. In this arrangement you send them your ad, and they hold it until they have unsold space, and then at a price that’s always one third or less than the regular price for the space you need, insert your ad. Along these lines, be sure to check in with the suburban and neighborhood newspapers.

Look around your area for any Barbering or barber schools. I know of at least 3 different cosmetology and barber schools within 20 minutes of my house. These schools offer discounted haircuts since the people cutting your hair are the students. If you just want a simple trim or haircut, why not save half of the money and get your hair cut at one of these schools. Also, the schools will have professional hair dressers and barbers who are the teachers watching over their students as they cut hair, so the students are not completely on their own. If you don’t like something or you think that something is wrong with your haircut, you can ask for a teacher to fix the haircut or help the student.

SATURDAY-SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 23-24: Biker/Barber Basketball Battle, 4:00 (2/23) to 9:00 p.m. (2/24), Green Tech High Charter School, 321 Northern Blvd., Albany, NY; Local bike clubs and Barber Shops will engage in a “Winner Take All” basketball tournament. HOOD MC’s, NoRulez, East Coast, and Alphas will ball out for bragging rights.

To pamper yourself well and still stick to your budget, consider what makes you feel good. It should be something you want to do, but do not need to do. For instance, paying bills or cleaning the fridge might give you a sense of accomplishment, but likely will not leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Make a list of activities you enjoy or would like to try. Then brainstorm ways to achieve these goals while staying within your means. Love the theater? Check out high school plays free. Enjoy fine wine? Find a nearby vineyard that offers tastings. What matters is that you are refueling your tank so you can go back out and face the world.

As we continue to look for ways to save money and the economy, we will continue to see environmental companies continue to grow. There are many different areas that one can be involved in while working in this industry. The goal is to help maintain our environment and also provide consumers ways to save money. This industry focuses its attention on both households and businesses and shows no signs of slowing down for a while.

These days, Belmont barber chairs reign over modern salons and barber shops all over the world. The early units that the company produced nearly a hundred years ago can sell for several hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

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