How Does Wood Get Recycled?

Are you fretting over what to do with your leftover Halloween and Thanksgiving pumpkins? Well, here’s some advice: they came from the earth, and so can go right back in it. Last year I picked up our family’s pumpkin and catapulted it into the vacant wooded lot next to our house. Within a couple of days the neighborhood critters took care of it. Here are some suggestions for disposing of your giant squash if you don’t want them to go into general landfill waste.

Soil Erosion Barriers – recycled Christmas trees can be used as soil and erosion barriers, especially around lakes. Louisiana uses recycled Christmas trees on the river delta.

Cut the pumpkin into smallish pieces first to aid the decomposition process and let the worms do their job. Don’t have a compost bin? Fall is a great time to get started so you’ll have a great additive for next spring’s vegetable garden.

My attempt at writing was short lived, as concentration is tough enough around here without a wood chipper Suppliers rattling my teeth. The kids were up anyway, so I thought I’d continue the search for the sister, and entice her to go macadamia nut shopping. I’d have to let her loose in the Dollar Store, no doubt, but at least I’d have something to eat while she shopped for anything she may or may not need.

As the phrase goes, safety comes first. If one wants to know how to cut down a tree, it is important to consider that this is an arduous and potentially hazardous task. So leather work gloves and safety goggles are necessary for proper protection. As for the equipment needed for the job, a chainsaw and a pruning saw would do just fine. Of course, one should also bring an orchard ladder and some rope.

If thrift store shopping isn’t your cup of tea then learn to shop for things you need and want during end-of-season sales. Having been blessed with three boys, I can also shop ahead for sizes I’ll need down the road, trusting that sooner or later, one of the fellas will fit into something I’ve purchased from last season at a great price! I’ve stretched our clothing dollars tremendously this way.

The biggest motivating factor in learning any money-saving skill can be the fact that you can stretch a dollar to do the work of two. You have already been taxed on the first dollar so the “earned” dollar comes to you tax free. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “A penny saved, is a penny earned.” Did Ben have to pay income tax?

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