How To Build A Better Business Website

The second half of this week’s Extreme Couponing show features Amy Woodall. She is proud of her stockpile and feels a sense of accomplishment with it. She believes it takes a talent and gift with the help of God to coupon to such an extreme. Her stockpile has over 4,000 products, and she only paid for 20% of them. How does this Missouri mom do it?

Turn your WordPress website into a web shop with this e-commerce solution. Configuration is easy, and it is designed to simplify your work. You can sell digital or physical products. Various payment portals are accepted like PayPal, Google Checkout and others. Powered by AJAX Shopping cart and one page checkout it makes this easy to use.

Ask customers for feedback. Everyone wants to tell you what they like or dislike about your service. They aren’t’ even trying to be mean. They want to get baby wash basins an improved service that meets their needs. Ask, then listen. Use your shopping cart’s broadcast function to send a message to all your clients and then ask them to fill out a simple survey using a free survey program, like Survey Monkey. You’ll be able to add new services and features that you know your clients want. Sure beats trying to invent services on the fly! Your customers will thank you for this!

The first thing you need to figure out is whether you want to purchase a license or have a hosted solution for your shopping cart. There are pros and cons to both but it all boils down to time and resources. Do you have time and resources to implement your cart on your own or do you want someone else to bear that burden?

There are plenty of tools out there on the Internet that will help you. They are template Web sites that do nearly all the work for you. But there is one problem with them: you don’t learn the skills you need to know to manage the site! As a Webmaster you will need to some HTML, the formatting language for Web sites. You’ll need to add affiliate links and baby wash basins, two of the big tools you’ll need for earning money on your site.

Licensed carts – having a licensed copy of a shopping cart requires you to choose among the masses of products, install it on your web server and configure it to integrate with your website. You own the software (code) and can modify it in any form or fashion to your hearts content. It also means that all features and upgrades, you have to perform yourself which can become a double edged sword.

Can you bulk upload items? Adding one item at a time can take forever. While that may look like a small inconvenience, you will grow to hate the delay.

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