Jesus Isn’t A Brand Name

You’re in the eye of the storm as you look around and only see problems circling around you. In the center of the storm you grow faint, mentally tired from trying to figure out how to get out of your situation, rather than trusting God to get you through it. Your placement in the ‘eye’ exposes the weakness of your storm, but in order to see you its weakness, you must use the greatest weapon. It’s a 3 step process but as you do it you will see the defeat of any obstacle.

Then beneath that are three secondary essential teachings of the church. Essential means quite necessary. You can accept that. One liberating point here is that the remaining primary and secondary non-essentials are given to show us all the grey areas that different church denominations claim or Christian apologetics disallow for themselves as identity labels unique only to them. God allows for this.

This chart clearly shows the Bible as the best attested writing of antiquity. If we can’t trust what the Bible says then can we trust what the other writings say?

Willow Park Church will be hosting this production from January 21-23 with a showing at Lake Country Creekside Theatre as well. The duration is roughly 2 hours with an intermission and refreshments available. Though payment is by donation, one must get a ticket to be presented on the night. Childcare is available for ages twelve and under.

On Sunday morning after Jesus died, God raised Jesus permanently from the dead as an act of acceptance and approval of the sacrifice for all people. The resurrection is the assurance of life after death and a relationship with God untarnished by sin given to each presuppositional apologetics. And the way to receive life and relationship with God is through trusting in Jesus’ death as the sacrifice for your sins and believing the Jesus was who he said he was.

Bottom line, our nation is loosing Biblical authority. Ham argued that we’re headed in the same direction as Europe and the UK. And when man’s ideas seep into our churches, we are unprepared. Many church leaders respond with a “do not worry, just trust in Jesus” type of remark. Ham questions, “If you can’t trust one part of the book, how can you trust the rest?” And the unspoken answer in America is, many don’t. Many write-off Genesis and the creation account. And then some even proceed to disregard the Gospels and the rest of the Bible.

Until that day comes, we will have to put up with people like Harold Camping. There will be many more. Although sincere in his beliefs, he is misleading many people.

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