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One of the most puzzling things that happen on the dating world is when men want to pursue women and then they just end up turning cold anyway! What could be more baffling than this? Did he even want her in the first place? Was he just playing with her emotions?

Many a woman, upon meeting a man to whom she is seriously attracted, is so overtaken by all the great feelings of affection and companionship, that she deludes herself into ignoring all the obvious red flags that he is giving out. Sometimes a guy will even be telling her that he’s not the one for her. But she doesn’t want to hear. She still jumps in feet first, and by doing so, sets herself up for best chatroulette alternative failure. And often this turns into a repeating cycle.

If she’s sexually attracted, she is going to WANT you to check her out. She is going to do this by actively drawing your attention to her ‘pleasure zones’. These include the lips and breasts.

Homer smashes face-first into the fist of boxer Dredrick Tatum’s statue. This breaks his jaw and forces it to be wired shut. While not being able to speak, Homer learns to listen and becomes a calmer person. Strangely, Marge can’t adjust to the new harmonious atmosphere that this creates.

Strategy #One – “Psycho Alpha Male”. Quit losing your control over your emotions and start making sure she knows who the boss is. If you need her opinion whenever you feel like doing something, you’re making her think you depend on her for everything. Instead of letting her make the decisions, plan ahead and then tell her what you want to happen. From where to meet to what you want to do on your date, take charge and lead the way.

Notice how people make you feel when they are warm and welcoming or if they don’t make eye contact, have crossed arms or seem rushed or inattentive. Practice only asking ‘How are you?’ if you have a few moments to listen to the answer. Whatever you do, be warm and sincere and you are sure to receive the same in return.

There are certain seduction techniques that will work like a charm to make your ex girlfriend start thinking about you again. More importantly, when she does think about you, she is going to think about dating you again, sleeping with you again. All of the things that you want to happen can, as long as you are able to use these seduction techniques to build up a LOT of sexual tension and sexual attraction. When she feels like she cannot resist you, that is prime time to get her back.

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