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Many people don’t worry too much about a small drip in their faucet. It’s just a drop of water, right? No big deal? WRONG. Those drops of water add up to billions of gallons of wasted water, and that water isn’t free.

Step #1 – SUB-FLOOR PREPARATION: Using the template provided with the shower pan, place template on the floor and verify that the drain is in the correct location. If the drain is NOT PTFE Sheets properly located relocate the drain. NOTE: Relocating the drain is usually far less expensive than having a custom pan cast to accommodate your existing drain location.

Although most do not have separate compartments within allowing you to separate up what is being carried they still offer plenty of space within. Plus because they are made from such strong materials they unlike the soft sided versions can last for many years to come. However, you will need to take proper care of yours. So this means after each time you have used it you clean it out thoroughly using some warm soapy water.

Cultured marble and dressier versions, like cultured onyx and granite, tend to be the least costly. Cultured marble is made by spraying a ‘gel-coat’ onto a mold. This coating is about 1/64″ or less in thickness. The gel-coat is covered with pigmentation and Spiral Wound Gaskets then backed with calcium carbonate. The calcium carbonate gives the finished part its strength. Also, in the casting process it is infused with air pockets to lower its density and weight.

A coupling is the term used to describe a join between two pieces of PVC pipe, in particular when they are joined with no angle. Joins can be of varying degrees however, typically they are 22, 45, 60 and 90 degrees. An angled join is generally called an elbow.

Valves: Your manual probably says to adjust them with a cold engine so now is as good a time as any. Also give the cam lobes a shot of oil to get a little lube on the upper end before you start it. Also take the time to check the torque on the cylinder head bolts (also best when done at cold temps).

Replacing your faucet and fixture is relatively easy. What is important is that you have the right tools as well as the right size of the faucets. When adding fixtures, you should measure the area properly to ensure that the fixtures fit.

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