The Top 10 Stress Relievers

Absolutely anyone can learn how to meditate quickly and easily. You don’t have to go through an elaborate ritual to be able to meditate. Put simply, meditation is way to get in touch with your inner self.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is easy. T’ai Chi can be very strenuous. But strenuous in a way that is very different to say jogging or visiting the Gym. T’ai Chi exercises the body at a very deep level. Strengthening and stretching tendons and ligaments rather than the larger muscle groups. Also, muscles are exercised in a balanced, symmetrical manner ensuring balance throughout the body as fitness improves. Because of this T’ai Chi lessens the likelihood of injury and can also be a good compliment to other exercise regimes.

Many years ago, I was very interested in what I had read about enlightenment and I wanted to discover it for myself. I explored many buddhism baltimore and I was almost invariably invited to meditate in a certain way and believe in a set of beliefs that would ‘one day’ lead to my personal enlightenment.

There was an absence of fear — as distinct from my experience just prior to entering the class on the way to it. And indeed arriving in the class it was revealed that there was an accident on Highway One that delayed the instructor — a fire (which got my imagination ((the subconscious)) active. And I said “he is fine and will be here soon.” Later in the class I seemed to know what some participants were inwardly experiencing (because I experienced it too at the same time within me — it was a little shocking at the time — but in retrospect quite amazing and I was always calm). At other times I did not try to tune in.

For some people, when first starting out, focus can be a really challenge. Especially for those with a quick mind, who are often caught up in thought (and these are often the people that are most in need of meditation and receive the most benefit). I was one of those people and I found it really helpful to work with guided meditation and brain wave sound technology. You can find all sorts of guided meditations on audio. There are even audio meditation apps for your phone or other device. I also love some of the new brain wave technology products, which are special music/sounds that bring your brain waves into an ideal state for deep meditation.

During your silent retreat, you should not speak or be spoken to by anyone unless of course it is an absolute emergency. Pick a place that will allow you this time and space. some places I enjoy are a quiet park, your favorite and most comfortable room in your home, or if you have family try to wake earlier in the morning to catch the sunrise and spend that time in complete silence, Unplug your TV, telephone, and computer. Resist the temptation to check e-mail or the daily news. Use this time to practice meditation skills. Focus on just being, instead of doing anything. This exercise is perfect for balancing your throat chakra.

Meditation is perfectly safe and it is not known to cause any side effects. That is why you can readily practice it any time you want. For the best relaxation and health results, you should try to meditate every day. Set a special time for practicing this mind-body technique and devote at least half an hour to practice.

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